Organization name: Uluslararası Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Derneği


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2 The brief summary of the organization (Both English, mother language)

Uluslararası Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Derneği is a non-profit social organisation which was founded in Ankara, Turkey.

Members of association are volunteerly supporting the organisation. It has 21 members working for education, development etc…so It has a very strong network with VET centers,Special Education centers,Public Education Centers and Evening Art Schools, Turkey Labour Agency(IŞ-KUR) National authorities etc…..

The target of association is; to identify education needs of the population under LLL perspective, support the disadvantaged youngsters and adults to complete their compulsory education, develop their social and cultural skills, develop and implement education programs and projects to gain economical skills related with occupation, providing individuals with the knowledge and qualifications, social, financial and cultural development   in accordance with the needs of century.

Uluslararası Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Derneği deals with employment, vocational-social-cultural education, entrepreneurship, culture,  innovation and also non formal education, informal education, continuing education, recognition of prior learning, distance learning are one of the main areas of us.

Oour organization is the ordinary member of European Association for the Education of Adults “EAEA” to promotes adult learning and access to and participation in non-formal adult education for all, particularly for groups currently under-represented

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